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Original and the best!

Have been a long time user of JB Weld when I worked as a plant mechanic and engine rebuilder - still has a permanent place in my workshop. It is...


Hi have just purchased JB WELD, I will be trying it on my boat motor repair, If this works it will be saving me $2000 dollars in repair cost. Ill get...

Very Satisfied Customer

Thank you for your advice, I did purchase and use the JB Weld. This product was very easy to use, I did not turn the refrigerator off and it set...

Duct Tape in a Tube

Duct Tape in a Tube

Click the image for a review by Yesterdays Tractor on JB Weld for the tractor restorer - some good information on where and when to use JB Weld when...

Plastic Weld

Thought I should let you know just how well PlasticWeld performed on our Miele Microwave Oven. It has two plastic clips that secure the door when...


Plastic Weld

Wednesday 20 August, 2014

Thought I should let you know just how well PlasticWeld performed on our Miele Microwave Oven.

It has two plastic clips that secure the door when pushed shut. The top clip broke off close to
where it enters the door.
Usually an Araldite fan (from my amateur fishing rod making days) I was not entirely happy making a
decision in its favour.
The broken piece of clip was about 25mm long by about 15mm deep and around 4-5mm thick - the break
was therefore
15mm x 4-5mm. Knowing that habits do not change easily I knew that the door would get the same push
or slam in the
closing process.

As the break was irregular and the plastic had a very rough finish I opted for NO CLEANING prior to
the mend process.
I did not want to have to do the repair twice knowing that adhesive over old adhesive was not worth
even thinking about.
So I opted for a small piece of fibre-glass mat over the one flat side of the clip then up and over
the broken area of the top of the
clip. Mixed a very small quantity of PLASTICWELD and applied to clip.

Then I found how difficult it is to hold a small item in place whilst adhesive sets! It took at
least 10 minutes - but better a slightly
longer set time than one that is too short! As soon as i was confident that I could take my
steadying hand away I applied the adhesive
to the fiberglass matt and with a tooth pick pushed it into place - rough and ready fix but I was
confident that I had done my best
under the circumstances.

Did not attempt to close the door for around 4 days and with about 60% confidence shut the door
fairly forcefully. Ho-lay! I was in business!
It is nearly a month since I made the repair and if PLASTICWELD was ever going to fail on this job
it would have done so by now.

Cannot tell you exactly how impressed I am with the performance of PLASTICWELD in this application!

Cheers and thank you, Tom
Testimonial By: Tom G.


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