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Hi have just purchased JB WELD, I will be trying it on my boat motor repair, If this works it will be saving me $2000 dollars in repair cost. Ill get...

Original and the best!

Have been a long time user of JB Weld when I worked as a plant mechanic and engine rebuilder - still has a permanent place in my workshop. It is...

Duct Tape in a Tube

Duct Tape in a Tube

Click the image for a review by Yesterdays Tractor on JB Weld for the tractor restorer - some good information on where and when to use JB Weld when...

Very Satisfied Customer

Thank you for your advice, I did purchase and use the JB Weld. This product was very easy to use, I did not turn the refrigerator off and it set...

Plastic Weld

Thought I should let you know just how well PlasticWeld performed on our Miele Microwave Oven. It has two plastic clips that secure the door when...

JB Stik Weld - Technical Data and Instruction Sheet

J-B Stik Weld is a hand kneadable, steel-reinforced epoxy putty adhesive/sealant that will plug holes and make permanent repairs on wet and dry surfaces. It will even cure completely submerged in water or GASOLINE!

J-B Stik requires no tools or "prep time", and makes no mess.

How does it work?
Stik Weld is an epoxy putty with the following properties:
  • Tensile Strength: 3960 psi
  • Adhesion: 1800 psi
  • Flex Strength: 7320 psi
  • Tensile Lap Shear: 1040 psi
  • Shrinkage: 0.0%
  • Resistant to: 500F or 260C
How to use it:
Use Stik Weld as an adhesive, laminate, plug, filler, sealant, and electrical insulator.

Stik Weld comes in a single tube, and consists of two different colored putty compounds.
  1. Cut off required portion of material with scissors or knife.
  2. Twist and knead thoroughly with your fingers until putty is uniform in colour with no streaks.
  3. Apply at once to surface to be repaired.
  4. Stays pliable for up to 30 minutes after mixing, sets in 4 to 6 hours and fully cures in 15 to 24 hours.
  5. Remove excess with soap before putty hardens.
Surface for application must be clean, dry, and free of dirt, grease, oil, etc. Remove any paint, primer, rust, etc. before applying J-B STIK. For the best weld, roughen surfaces to be welded with fine or coarse sandpaper.

It is water-proof; petroleum/chemical/acid-resistant; resists shock, vibration, and extreme temperature fluctuations - withstands temperatures up to 500F (260C).

What does it bond to?
Virtually any combination of iron, steel, copper, aluminum, brass, bronze, pewter, porcelain, ceramic, marble, glass, PVC & ABS, concrete, fiberglass, wood, fabric, paper -- just about any porous and non-porous material.


Mechanics -- you can use J-B STIK with confidence. It is designed for safe, reliable, permanent repairs in engine compartments and heated environments up to 500 F (twice the heat-resistance of competitive products). It's strong as steel and impervious to water, gasoline, chemicals, and acids. Working with J-B STIK is quick, easy, and convenient -- and saves you time, work, and money!

NOTE: Not recommended for use on manifolds, exhaust systems, and other engine components which normally operate at temperatures above 500 F.

This product is ideal to keep handy for emergency repairs - any situation where JB Weld would apply, this handy Stik putty formulation is a convenient alternative. Keep it in the toolbox and you'll be prepared for anything.

Every home and shop can save time, work, and money with JB WELD products. Keep it handy for maintenance, repairs, and emergencies!

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